Creature #10- Giant Japanese Hornet

Giant Hornet

Vespa mandarinia japonica.

That is the scientific name of one bad bug you don’t want to mess with…

While near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, my friend and I heard the sound of a monster insect hovering in a tree nearby.  It was peacefully minding its own business, and thank goodness for that, because it looked to be several inches long and made a sound similar in volume to a hovering hummingbird.  Unfortunately, I was at close range to the tree and when I moved forward with smartphone camera poised for action, it simply flew away in a second, ruining my chances for a good picture .  The great news however, was that I was NOT stung or bitten by this giant insect!

This insect is one of the most murderous animals on Earth- It has a recorded kill ratio of approximately 1000 to 1 against a key natural prey insect- Honeybees.  The giant Asian species of hornets are unstoppable against individual smaller bees, as well as immune to the lesser bee’s stings.

If you want to see a video of one of nature’s most brutal slaughters, then check out this YouTube link to a nature documentary of the action featuring close-up micro cameras of the giant hornets assault as they hunt for honeycomb- Hornets Massacre Honeybees

That is one epic video.

Now for a real “beast master” achievement, there is Japanese man who claims to have tamed one of these insects.  Why not?  Apparently they are even big enough to put a makeshift leash on one and take it outside for a walk/flight in the sun….

Image result for giant japanese hornet

Why do I get the feeling this human-insect relationship will not end well?

I guess in some ways the old adage is true.  “Opposites attract” I guess, but man, we humans and the Giant Japanese Hornet seem destined to be very ODD pals at best.  On the plus side, we do both enjoy eating honey and royal jelly of honeybees, so I guess we could share some culinary delights and earn mutual trust that way.

Here’s hoping that this creature of Japan, on a leash even, discovers a win-win relationship with its more-gigantic human mammal overlord.


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